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Pelintex wishes to serve its customers according to the highest standard of quality.
Quality control is carried out at each of the industrial stages, from material to finished product, so as to supply you with a quality product in good time.
We test our materials (using the ITS test) so as to offer you finished quality products.
We certify our products with international labels: REACH, OEKO-TEX and the social audits Wethica, SA8000 and BSCI.
Pelintex is listening to its customers to be able to tailor its offer to all the different expectations of its customers.
Pelintex delivers to you according to the Incoterm of your choice. Find out more.
In order to serve you best we offer you logistic support and the delivery of your choice: flat on hanger, hanging, or folded.
We offer you the option to place your orders by name, in a personal and specific way.